Mary and the Duke
Format: Paperback/ebook
ISBN: 9781800465176
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Mary and the Duke

Nov. 28, 2021

It’s the height of the regency period, and the season is in full swing…

Miss Mary Barker is one of two daughters in a fine family of seven that remains unmarried; Mrs Barker expects both to marry by the end of the season, but Mary has other ideas. She would much rather remain independent like a man and has no need of a husband.

‘Captain’ Dylan Cravendish, handsome and charming, hears his uncle’s final wishes in Bristol: for him to become Duke Cravendish of Cattleton.

When Duke Cravendish quite literally falls over Miss Mary Barker when attending his first ball in Cattleton, she’s the only one not bowled over by his charms and wastes no time on telling the Duke her opinion of him.

But as the two continue to cross paths in Cattleton and Bath, steadily getting to know each other, can Mary find a way to see past the pirate to the man underneath? Or will she allow his past to ruin their possible future?

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Great book


Fantastic book. Couldn't put it down.


Trish Hill

I really enjoyed this book, I have read some reviews saying they thought this or they thought that. If I don't like a book I just put it away and start another one but I enjoyed this story about Mary and Dylan.